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Placement Policy

The basic criteria for placement are the age of the child as at September 1, and the school’s assessment of the child during the admissions process. However, other factors will also  be considered, including maturity, previous educational experience, level of achievement and placement of siblings.
The school reserves the right to place each child in the class it deems to be most appropriate and beneficial to that child educational needs.
Withdrawal of students during the academic year
All withdrawals require a term’s notice in writing to the Principal.

Withdrawal of students at the end of the academic year
Parents who wish to withdraw their child (ren) at the year must give notice in writing to the Head Teacher at least one month before the end of the school year. This will assist the child’s class teacher to prepare final reports, transcripts of attendance, which will be needed by the next school for a successful transfer. It will not be possible to process transfer documentation without a reasonable notification in advance.

The school and its representatives will take all reasonable care to ensure the educational and physical wellbeing of all students under its care. We undertake to inform parents in a timely fashion of any areas of concern and to work with the parents to reach suitable conclusion. The school reserves the right to deny admissions or exclude a child if it determines it cannot offer a programme, information regarding a child has not been submitted accurately, or the child is an unsatisfactory member of the school community. In all cases, the Director’s decision will be final.

Admissions Policy
Children are admitted to Vilac International School to an age appropriate classroom and based on the information provided in the completed application form, assessment will be conducted by the admissions officer/Head Teacher. The school will not discriminate based on tribe, race, colour, gender, religion, nationality or ethnic origin.

It is however, essential that parents inform the school of any special needs their children may have so that they can be considered in determining classroom placement. We reserve the right not to offer admission based on limited facilities or special educational need a pupil may require.
Waiting List If there are no openings available, successful admission seekers will be placed on a waiting list. The prospective parent will be contacted as soon as there is vacancy and will have one week within which to enroll his/her child by accepting the offer and paying the school fees.

A Student will only be admitted when:
i) Admission procedure is complete
ii) The child has been interviewed by Head Teacher
iii). School fees paid in full.
iv) Admission offer letter is issued  

At this point, the admissions officer opens a file for the student and captures the child’s particulars into the school’s database.

Admission Procedure


Step 1: The first point of contact  is the admission officer whose role is to answer enquiries and give general information about the school including prospectus, fee structure and accompanying school information.

Step 2: Prospective parent makes payment for the admission application forms at the Accounts Department. A receipt will be issued and presented to the admissions officer in order to obtain the form. The parents may be given an informal  tour at this point if he/she so desires (for a comprehensive tour of the school, parents must book an appointment with the office assistant).

Step 3: Parent completes application and submits it with all requested documentation to admissions officer.

Step 4: The child takes a placement test (depending on the age).

Step 5: The admissions officer submits the completed forms with the test results to the Head Teacher who then interviews the child.

Step 6: After the interview, the parent and child meet the Head Teacher. At this point prospective  parents would be informed if the child were successful or not.

Step 7: School fees are paid in full if successful. All payments are to be made to the school’s bank account

Step 8: As soon as school fees are paid, accounts officer registers payment and issues receipts  accordingly. All receipts and invoices are captured into the school fees spreadsheet.

Step 9: Admission offer letter is then issued by the Head Teacher.

Step 10: Depending on the age  of the child, admission officer takes the child through orientation. This initiation orientation will expose the new student to the dos and don’ts and the contours of VIS.

Step 11: The admissions officer informs the teacher of new arrival and gives him/her  a copy of the student’s basic particulars.

Step 12: The teacher confirms that all books, materials, desk etc are ready for the student.

Step 13: The teacher will have a conference with the parent(s) and student to explain the class routine, and curriculum prior to start of formal lesson.

Step 14: On the first day of school, the admissions officer welcomes all new students and families, and escorts them to their respective classes.

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