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Subjects Taught

Practical Life: The objective of the practical life exercises are to help the child adapt to his/her environment, care for oneself, thus enabling the child develop independence. These exercises help the child to develop stronger concentration  and a more coordinated controlled movement. This area includes grace and courtesy which the child establishes himself/herself in society through kind and courteous relationships with others.

Sensorial Materials: The sensorial materials  aid the child in the process of classification of his/her environment through discrimination, comparison, contrast and graduation of size, weight, shape, texture, colour, etc; thereby helping the child to develop order and clarity in thinking.
Language: The objectives of the language exercises are to develop the child’s ability to communicate through spoken language, to explore the sound/symbol relationship, to express self through written work, and to use the practical life  and sensorial materials to develop order, sequence and controlled movement.

Number Work: Number work exercises are the foundation work, exploring ways in which quantities are related to one another by identifying number symbols,  identifying quantity, associating number and quantity, and similarities and differences between quantities. The work progresses from the general to the specific using concrete materials and identifying language.

Environmental Studies: The objectives of this area are to help the child become aware of, understand and appreciate the history and diversity of world cultures, the reality of human independence, and the need for world cooperation by understanding the basic needs of man for  food, shelter, clothing, transportation, defense, and spiritual needs. Additionally, these exercises help the physical (geographical) and political (cultural) context by providing identifying language, sensorial inputs of shapes, manual dexterity, and  comparing and contrasting cultures.

Natural Science: The objectives of this area are to examine and explore the plant and animal world through awareness and exposure to the life that surrounds the child by providing identifying  language, asking questions, providing explanation, demonstrating simple experiments, drawing and writing, and enabling the child to care for his/her environment.

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