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School Policies & Procedures


i) Arrival & Departure Policies
All VIS students are expected to arrive at school on time. The school day starts at 7.00am for both staff and students. Supervision will be provided for children from 7:00 a.m. Kindly note that the gates are opened at 7.00am and locked promptly at 8.15am.  Please co-operate with us by respecting the arrival time.

Lateness: The tardy bell is 8:00 a.m. Students arriving after 8:00am will need to sign in at the office. Students accumulating three (3) tardies  will be punished severely.

ii) Assembly
Assembly starts promptly at 7:30a.m. We encourage all children to make it to assembly, as it is important to start the day with prayers while also building up their senses of civic responsibility to the country as they recite the national anthem and pledge.  In addition, there are presentations every fortnight during assembly, which builds self-esteem and public speaking skills in the children. Children present for assembly will earn points for their houses.

iii) Drop off
This will be at the entrance of the school. Please note that drop off time is always a busy time and that it will not be possible for teachers to be in a conference with you during that time. Do book an appointment at the admin office to see any teacher  after close of school. Preschooler will be escorted by their teachers to their various classes.  
Traffic Pattern: We ask that you follow the traffic pattern as directed by the security officer(s). This will allow  more traffic to get into the parking lot and less of a backup on the street.

iv) School Uniform
The wearing of school uniform is compulsory for all children. Students not in uniform may not be allowed into their classrooms (except on CLUB or non-uniform days). Students are supposed to wear a pair of black shoes and white socks from Monday  to Friday and have their P.E. kits and trainers for P.E. in a separate bag. Students not complying with the dress code will be warned and subsequently may be turned back home at the gate when they come to school.

v) Late Pick-Up
All children should be picked up latest by 4.30 p.m. each day. Any parent/guardian who consistently or  regularly fails to pick up their wards by this time will pay a late pick-up penalty fee. This will apply from the third occasion. The late pick-up penalty is GHC5.00. This amount must be paid that same day or latest by the following morning at the school  office. Students picked up after 4:30 p.m. will have to sign out at the office.

vii) Co-Curricular Activities & Clubs
Parents should note that all children in primary and junior high are expected to take part in co-curricular activities.
The school organizes the following clubs and activities to provide holistic education and exposure to our students:
Red Cross, Girl Guides, Musical instruments lessons, Scout, Swimming, Tae Kwon Do, Cultural display and dance, and Choreography.   This ultimately helps develop a holistic student.

Board of Governors Policy on Student Discipline
No school is rid of all disciplinary challenges and issues and for that reason, we encourage all staff and parents not to embellish occasional issues that may arise, but seek redress through the approved channels.  It is our expectation that most students     will live up to expectation by obeying the school rules and regulations.

However, there may be times when a student needs to be reminded of his/her responsibilities towards the school community and himself/herself. The school on such occasions will handle the matter in line with its disciplinary code.
The board of directors, head teacher, heads of departments and class teachers are responsible for setting and enforcing rules and regulations and addressing behavioral challenges as appropriate to the student’s age and maturity.
In dealing with student behavior in the classroom, teachers at all times must be guided by the concept  of positive reinforcement in choosing which disciplinary method to apply. Teachers also are expected to respect each student’s dignity and rights.

Disciplinary measures

Suspension shall be a disciplinary measure, which requires the student to stay away from school for a specified period.
Expulsion/dismissal shall be a disciplinary measure, which requires the student to be suspended infinitely from school.

Behavior that consistently deviates from accepted standards as judged by the administration will lead to suspension from one to five school days as determined by the head teacher/disciplinary committee. A suspended student cannot return to school until     a reintegration conference is held between the head teacher and student/parent. Work missed during suspension must be made up for prior to re-entry.


a) Open Door Policy
Parents are encouraged to book appointment with teachers through the admin office. Teachers will  not be available for conferences in the morning. All such appointments should be honoured after school (i.e. 3 pm) to discuss any matters of concern.
The school day is the teacher’s teaching time and parents are asked to respect this time. Most issues will be minor ones but anything serious in nature should be referred to the Head Teacher.

b) School Newsletter
Newsletters are sent out regularly by the school’s administration. This keeps the parents informed on current and upcoming events and general developments. The major ones sent during each term are the back to school, half term, and end  of term   newsletters.  It will be sent home through the oldest child of the family.  Email addresses of all parents will also be obtained in order to send the newsletter electronically. Lets save the environment!

c) Class Newsletters/notes
Teachers will send regular class/subject/section newsletter/notes home informing parents about current work, themes, outings etc. They will cover all subject areas. Please check the term’s calendar for dates/events.

12) Student Behaviour and Support System
Students are expected to attend school each day dressed in their school uniform. We expect only their best efforts and most positive attitude. At no time will the school tolerate any unruly behavior, which interferes with the learning time of other students.

At all times staff will model the high expectations we demand of the students, which include but not limited to not receiving phone calls (mobile phones) during instruction hours, not chewing gum, being on time and prepared for classes, being polite to    colleagues and students, and demonstrating tolerance, understanding and decorum during team building meetings.

Each member of staff is responsible for ensuring that the children are aware of the VIS behavior expectations. Student behavior is not only the responsibility of the staff member on supervision duty, or an individual class teacher, the proper  upbringing   and nurturing of all students is the collective responsibility of all staff and parents. Therefore, parents should be aware of the basic expectations the school has for each child. Please review, discuss and model these guidelines  with your child.

In times of breaches or infractions of the school rules and regulations, all staff should follow the approved disciplinary methods, which have correction and positive reinforcement in mind rather than the use of corporal punishment. Corporal  punishment   of all shapes and forms are prohibited in VIS. Under no circumstance should any action be taken to jury a child’s self-esteem and confidence. All major infractions of the school rules and regulations should be referred to the school  counselor.

Student Behaviour expectation:

  • Respect yourself, others and the school environment.

  • Be on time for school and lessons

  • Be kind to each other

  • Work together

  • Be honest

  • Solve problems/disputes through the approved channel (do not take the law into your own hands)

  • Ask before using other people’s things

  • Take good care of all things, your own and that of others

  • Be polite and respectful

  • Play in a safe and responsible manner

  • Be well groomed and neat at all times

  • Tidy up after working and  playing – you make a mess, you tidy it up

  • Always follow instructions given by the teacher

  • Stay and play in only designed areas

  • Keep your voices low inside the school building at all times

  • Always walk inside the building – no running around.

  • Respect our environment – drop litter in bins not on the ground

  • No student is permitted to take food to the classroom from the dining  hall

  • Make no marks on the school  walls or your classroom desk

  • No chewing gum

  • Be in uniform during all school days and activities

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