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What We Do


We offer quality West African and International Curriculum to meet the needs of the rapidly growing and diverse worldwide community. It runs from Year 7 to 13and SHS 1 to 3.The school offers examinations including Check Point(now Cambridge Secondary 1 for Year 9 students) and IGCSCE which starts from Year 10 to Year 11. The IGCSCE examination is conducted in May/June and SHS infrom 3 (WASSCE).There is also the AS /A level for students who wish to continue sixth form.

Our prime concern of the school is the provision of quality education through rigid and varied curriculum that enable our students to achieve excellent results in all examinations.Thus, the VIS student will always strive to break through and take strides with excellence in a highly competitive environment.


1) Decision Making Process
The Board of Governors is charged with the responsibility of advising the school on policies and procedures. All decisions however, relating to the educational programmes is made by the Head Teacher with input from the administrative and teaching staff  and final approval by the Director of School.

Our Core Values - The 4Cs.

  • Christ

  • Care

  • Cleanliness

  • Creativity

Our Philosophy and Aims.

We believe that:

Our school philosophy and curriculum reflects, recognizes, values and utilizes  the diversity of background and cultures of our country and school community.

Education should serve, as a means of advancing understanding and cooperation.

We must always continue to address physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs by capitalizing on each student’s strength and provide strategies to meet each student ’s individual needs.

We must help children to appreciate each other’s individuality, while developing the ability to work and play together, and instill an appreciation of the benefits of cooperation and fairness.

We must foster in each child a responsibility to respect, value, and improve themselves, their community and environment.

Parents and teachers are partners in the children’s education.

Our Lines of Communication

The communication channels below shall be followed at all times by all members of the VIS community - students, staff, parents, administrators and management.

1 Students-Teacher  
2 Students-Teacher-HOD
3 Students-Teacher-HOD-Head Teacher
4 Students-Teacher-HOD-Head Teacher-Management
5 Students-Teacher-HOD-Head teacher-Management-Directors

1 Staff-HOD
2 Staff-HOD-Head Teacher
3 Staff-HOD-Head Teacher-Management.
4. Staff-HOD-Head Teacher-Management-Directors.

1 Parents-Admin office
2 Parents-Admin office -Teacher
3 Parents-Admin office - HOD
4 Parents- Admin office - Head Teacher
5 Parents-Admin office - Head Teacher-Management
6 Parents-Admin office - Head Teacher-Management-Directors

It is the express desire of the school authorities that all members of the VIS community adhere to the communication lines outlined above to ensure sanity prevails at all times as we work together to foster a strong home-school partnership.

NB: T.E.A.M. – Together We Can  Achieve More.

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