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At VIS, we believe and expect each child to develop at his/her own pace. Young children especially, are so developmentally diverse that age is not the most appropriate criteria for class composition, e.g. in any group of 4 year olds  there is likely to be a range of at least 2 years developmentally.

(1) For teaching and assessment purposes, a greater range of abilities is viewed as normal and therefore highfliers     and low achievers are better catered for.
(2) By teaching to a child’s stage of development it decreases parental pressures to push their child ahead too early or to pressure a child to "get better", to the detriment of their  social, emotional & cognitive development.
(3) It allows for uneven development within individual children e.g. in this type of class the child with advanced verbal abilities  but immature fine motor skills has the opportunity to develop both.

Teacher’s expectations and perspective are widened. They become more responsive to individual student’s needs because a wide range of development is seen as the norm. This approach  decreases the likelihood of children being labeled as underachievers.

This view allows children to develop at their own pace, rather than an artificial pace set by the single-ability group.
All children are gifted differently. By allowing them the freedom to explore their own capabilities  without fear of failure in an environment that engenders confidence, the children develop in ways that would not emerge with children in a uni-dimensional class. The belief that everyone can succeed given the right conditions is and will continue to be  the key to our success at VIS.


1) Decision Making Process
The Board of Governors is charged with the responsibility of advising the school on policies and procedures. All decisions however, relating to the educational programmes is made by the Head Teacher with input from the administrative and teaching staff  and final approval by the Director of School.

Our Core Values - The 4Cs.

  • Christ

  • Care

  • Cleanliness

  • Creativity

Our Philosophy and Aims.

We believe that:

Our school philosophy and curriculum reflects, recognizes, values and utilizes  the diversity of background and cultures of our country and school community.

Education should serve, as a means of advancing understanding and cooperation.

We must always continue to address physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs by capitalizing on each student’s strength and provide strategies to meet each student ’s individual needs.

We must help children to appreciate each other’s individuality, while developing the ability to work and play together, and instill an appreciation of the benefits of cooperation and fairness.

We must foster in each child a responsibility to respect, value, and improve themselves, their community and environment.

Parents and teachers are partners in the children’s education.

Our Lines of Communication

The communication channels below shall be followed at all times by all members of the VIS community - students, staff, parents, administrators and management.

1 Students-Teacher  
2 Students-Teacher-HOD
3 Students-Teacher-HOD-Head Teacher
4 Students-Teacher-HOD-Head Teacher-Management
5 Students-Teacher-HOD-Head teacher-Management-Directors

1 Staff-HOD
2 Staff-HOD-Head Teacher
3 Staff-HOD-Head Teacher-Management.
4. Staff-HOD-Head Teacher-Management-Directors.

1 Parents-Admin office
2 Parents-Admin office -Teacher
3 Parents-Admin office - HOD
4 Parents- Admin office - Head Teacher
5 Parents-Admin office - Head Teacher-Management
6 Parents-Admin office - Head Teacher-Management-Directors

It is the express desire of the school authorities that all members of the VIS community adhere to the communication lines outlined above to ensure sanity prevails at all times as we work together to foster a strong home-school partnership.

NB: T.E.A.M. – Together We Can  Achieve More.

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